~The Language of Trees~

~The Language of Trees~


~The Language of Trees~

The language of trees
Tells a story of ease
Showing beauty and grace
In a wonderful place

Where rich history thrives
Beneath sumptuous skies
And the birds sing of love
As they soar skies above

The language of trees speaks
Of summers and springs
Of daffodil trumpets
And quaint fairy rings

The swishing and swaying
Of leaves in the air
The whisper of lyrics
A poet must bare

The language of trees
Inspires humbling thoughts
They teach a man virtue
Bequeathing support

The ears of our minds sense
Each studious word
But lacking connection
Their songs go unheard

Each sapling, each branch
Throws a soul into trance
Granting life from itself
An elixir of health

Every bend, every bough
Pledges life to the ground
Verdant meadows are blessed
Where a tree roots its nest

The language of trees
Fills my heart and my soul
As I roam timeworn forests
My soul declares home

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved

Photo Source Unknown (Please contact me if you find the source)


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