~Silver Lining~

~Silver Lining~


Lasso a silver lining
From clouds of sullen grey
Within a world of bitterness
There’ll come a brighter day

Although your dreams may disappear
Be brave and battle on
The skies appear much darker still
Before the break of dawn

Arise and hope for better times
And shining summer days
As twilight rests upon the earth
May sorrow gently fade

Although your pain and suffering
Seems hard to supervise
Have faith, for just around the bend
Are many bluer skies

Share sympathy with saddened hearts
Where many dreams were real
Compose the world a braver song
To help all sorrow heal

Sweep off the dust of yesterday
Just smile and carry on
The stars emerge from darkened skies
To sing their wondrous songs

The world will one day sing again
And on that merry day
The bells will ring, the sun will shine
And all will be OK

~ Amelia Dashwood © 2016, All rights reserved

(Inspired by a song by Betty Driver)


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