~Summer Days~

~Summer Days~

We should be sitting in a garden
In a lilac-scented breeze
Potting plants and drawing up
A wealth of sublime dreams

Whispering sweet poetry
Whilst painting summer skies
Holding onto hands
Whilst gazing into seasoned eyes

Etching sun-kissed memories
Onto palms of earth-stained hands
Wandering vast meadows
With small children and their plans

Swimming in the oceans
Of a rich imagination
Exploring boundless forests
With a thirsty fascination

Singing timeworn lyrics
To the strings of a guitar
Making endless wishes
On a thousand glistening stars

Sipping from the pools of life
And sending cares away
Cherishing each moment
Of our glorious summer days.

~ Amelia Dashwood © 2016, All rights reserved.


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