Bound To Nature

Bound To Nature


~Bound to Nature~

With my body and my blood
Bind me to the skies above
Grant my ashes to the breeze
May embers set my spirit free

Paint my soul a soaring bird
A melody professed unheard
A vessel upon stormy seas
No force shall ever hinder me

Send my cinders to the skies
Where moonbeams glow and eagles cry
Whilst all are sleeping, there I’ll fly
A zealous flame, a soul divine

Burn my bones and woeful pain
Breathe me back to life again
Cast my trinkets to the ground
To Mother Nature, I am bound

In every dusk and breaking dawn
My memory shall be reborn
As light reflects upon your face
I’ll be the warmth of its embrace

Listen, as I call to you
From every star and crescent moon
I am the air, the earth, the rain
The beauty of all that remains

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Photo Credit: Unknown


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