Hallowed Child

Hallowed Child

~Hallowed Child~

She walks through fields of summer grass
With eyes of sage and feet so fast
Her hair composed of claret flames
A maiden cast of wicked blame

Her heart pulsates to roaring drums
With tender hands, she hails the sun
Conversant with her inner child
An ancient soul born to the wild

The essence of her forebears past
She honours every season past
And wishes upon ashen moons
Sashaying to her own sweet tune

A rarity, a hallowed child
Her heart bred to embrace the wild
With moons of June and fairytales
No storms shall ever tear her sails

Blessed be her gracious soul
Unruffled by man’s filthy gold
A tonic to the universe
With zealous heart and healing words

A lover of enchanted skies
Midsummer days and cunning nights
She wanders paths forged by the sun
A queen of peace, a sentient one

All hail, the child of Mother Earth
A keeper of the universe
She walks through fields of purest gold
May solace be her story told

© 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.


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