One Fine Day

One Fine Day


~One Fine Day~

One fine day, alone I lay
Beneath a sky of blue
It was a perfect summer’s day
A sweet encore to June

All fears and woes did swiftly part
As skies unveiled their charms
I sat and watched the world pass by
Lay gently in its arms

A mellow breeze softly caressed
The crystal skies shone clear
The flowers donned their finest dress
And birds carolled good cheer

I sat beside the riverbank
And dipped in pools of quiet
All hollowness did nimbly fade
Replaced by pleasure’s climate

A summer’s courtship blossoming
Seemed kindling everywhere
Sweet scent of lilac, rose and thyme
Infused the sultry air

Oh, what a blissful summer’s dream
Earth’s balance now restored
Let every summer’s day be matched
To this forevermore

To many, Earth spells doom and gloom
A necessary bore
To me, I live for skies and land
The universe and more

© 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Elf 22 by Chirinstock (DeviantArt)


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