From Cradle to Grave

From Cradle to Grave


I love the endless starry nights, their everlasting shine
The climate and the way it forms my bright, poetic mind
Each twilight and secluded dusk, each wild, dynamic storm
The way the trees converse accord and endlessly transform
Each timeless melody from each and every soaring bird
My darling, every ounce of you, each fleeting, whispered word
The stillness of tall mountains, the rambling, rolling breeze
The sound of crashing oceans and the vastness of the seas
I prize each conscious moment, every drawn and exhaled breath
Each touch upon your fragile skin, each memory you left
I love the greens of unscathed land, the costly life Earth yields
The wide and twisted pathways, the fruits born to each field
The bugs and petals, thorns and dirt, oh, every precious day
My eloquent utopia, the happiness she pays
Oh, mortal life thou shall decline and leave me with death’s sting
Please, grant to me perpetual life and let my wild heart sing
For there are far too many thrills to miss upon life’s waves
Too many precious memories to craft from crib to grave
Please, grant to me unwritten days laden with life’s embrace
Then, I shall greet the reaper with a smile upon my face

© 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Image by Alice Reiner


5 thoughts on “From Cradle to Grave

  1. Beautiful! I love the way your writing brings together poetry and nature. It reminds me of a story written by Novalis in Chapter 3 (pp. 49-70) of his book “Heinrich of Ofterdingen” (, and also of Goethe’s beautiful poem “The Metamorphosis of Plants” (

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