Wolf Blood

Wolf Blood


~Wolf Blood~

The rising of the full moon
Is a key to shadowed paths
A trail becomes exposed
Unveiling tales and eras passed

The blood within my veins
Burns like the blaze of sacred fires
I run to flee my demons
And hunt down my soul’s desires

I move throughout the forest
Listening to my inner child
I run throughout the valleys
Setting free my buried wild

I speed throughout the wildwood
Liberating inner fire
I howl beneath the sage moon
Until sorcery transpires

The rising of the full moon
Is essential to survive
Its mastery and magic
Craft my zealous soul to thrive

My destiny is doomed
To mankind’s cruel and callous axe
No wolf blood shall endure it
We must stay true to our packs

I run throughout the forest
Keeping ancient flames alive
I race throughout the wildwood
Age-old virtues I revive

I roam about the mountains
And the sentient stones of kin
I search throughout the thicket
Where my unworn path begins

All nomads of the forest
Hearken to the howls of souls
United neath the full moon
Fleeing man’s professed control

Releasing shrouds of dominance
And ripping loose their reins
Whilst howling at the pale moon
Blessed wildness they sustain

I run throughout the forest
Seeking truth in who I am
I walk throughout the wildwood
To be faithful to my clan

I saunter through the meadows
With a beating heart of fire
As long as I am breathing
I shall serve my soul’s desire

© 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved

Image by Marcel Bressers


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