Blessed Harvest

Blessed Harvest


~Blessed Harvest~

Join hands, dear friends, and hearken
To the sounds of distant drums;
All hail an ancient melody
Beneath the rising sun.

With feet upon the tepid grass,
We’ll dance our fears away.
May hearth and home be gratified
Upon this blessed day.

Beloved seeds and hallowed grains,
Sweet tributes of the land;
We welcome every offering
From seed to root to hand.

For we are rich in pastures green,
No wealth was ever sweeter;
We raise a glass beneath the sun
To you, the Earth, our keeper.

With sheaths of corn and braided bread,
We feast upon Earth’s carpet;
Bestowing thanks and gratitude
For her abundant harvest.

One day, our golden days shall fade
As autumn’s reign begins;
With heavy hearts, we’ll forge ahead
Before the veil grows thin.

May reverence and gratitude
Be born to every child,
For Earth’s fine fruits and wholesomeness
Are fortunes of the wild.

Descendants of the scattered stars,
May blessings come your way;
May Mother Earth sustain your soul
On this fine harvest day.

© 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.


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