Blessings of Gold

Blessings of Gold

14080053_1114950208584882_2664015598054467889_n (1)

A blackbird trills thanks to a water-logged sky
As summer’s end lingers and whispers goodbye
The hills and the valleys make way for sweet dreams
As golden tones festoon the somnolent trees

The cuckoo glides high through the fresh, cooling air
A witness to flowers abandoning wears
As wildlife commences its hoarding of grains
A spell fuels the climate and summertime wanes

A hare leaps throughout the wild grasses of gold
And hums to herself of her passions untold
Of bright, summer heydays and ocherous skies
She sheds a lone tear and laments her goodbyes

The robin arrives with good tidings of fall
Adorning the land with his rapturous calls
For not all Earth’s beauty is withered and dimmed
As flaxen-gold riches embellish her skin

The Earth now prepares for the sting of crisp air
Renewing her romance with crimson-laced wears
A bittersweet journey begins to unfold
As autumn bequeaths to us, blessings of gold

© 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Image: The Butterfly, by Magdalena Russocka


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