The Sacred Mile

The Sacred Mile


I’ve walked an old but worthy path
And met a thousand kindred minds
Shook off the dust of mankind’s greed
And pushed against his bitter tides

I’ve questioned lies and sought the truth
I tossed away a binding book
To reconnect with Mother Earth
To honour all I once mistook

I’ve persevered few pointed fingers
Fled a dark and hellish past
Endeavouring to break my mould
I banished blame and judgements cast

I’ve met my match in Nature’s fury
Wept my heart out neath the sun
I’ve suffered many times of sorrow
Often did I come undone

As raging storms and darkness haunted
Courage fuelled my molten soul
And with the power forged inside me
I achieved my spirit’s goals

I’ve sat beneath Atlantic skies
And hearkened to the songs of seas
I’ve murmured hopes unto the stars
As ashen moonbeams covered me

I’ve walked amongst the ancient stones
And witnessed many suns descend
With skies above me, earth below me
There is where my journey ends

Upon life’s stage, I’ve played my part
With gratitude, I’ve loved this land
No looking back, no sad regrets
By my convictions, I shall stand

Now I approach my final journey
Destined to a hallowed place
Returning to the hand that formed me
May my soul rebuild in grace

As summers end and winters rise
I melt away to starlit skies
Abandoning my noble tales
Upon my farewell, I shall rise

© 2016 Amelia Dashwood. All Rights Reserved

Photo by Grace Adams


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