Land of Fireflies

Land of Fireflies


I come from a land of fireflies
Of sterling moons and florid skies
Where twilight melts the days away
As crickets chirp and sunsets wane

I come from a place of rolling mists
Where man and mammals coexist
Surrounded by a blessed earth
Where mankind values all she’s worth

I come from realms of mystery
Of rooted truth and history
Where sacred stones remain untouched
And Nature is my only judge

I come from a wealth of lullabies
Of boundless realms and twisted vines
Where timeworn trees and bracken groves
Remain man’s vested treasure troves

I come from a time of lessons learned
Where songs were sung as timbers burned
And from those embers, we did rise
To dance beneath star-speckled skies

I come from a land far, far away
Where gallant souls embrace each day
Where virgin meadows rest un-roamed
Within a land I call my home

© 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Image: artist unknown


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