Farewell, Summer

Farewell, Summer


Rest a while, O summer’s day
Remain for just one hour
Let not the autumn steal thy smile
And plunder every flower

For now, each day is weakening
No rest for wicked eyes
But soon, the universe will lie
Neath ruby-reddened skies

Rest a while, O summer’s day
For on the cloudy skyline
A mellow richness softly waits
Withholding lavish goldmines

Allow the sun to linger near
To burn its sovereign glory
And in the sultry afternoon
He’ll finalise his story

For as the chilly nights draw in
And harvesting is ceased
We’ll gaze upon the season
With a welcoming of peace

May every leaf surrendered
Bring upon us pure delight
A land that blushes every day
And smiles every night

As autumn calls unto our hearts
With undertones of slumber
Investing to a land of gold
Her charming plans of wonder

O sing to me, dear summer’s day
And breathe your closing sigh
Upon your parting, I shall weep
As summer softly dies

© 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Photographer: unknown


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