Symphony of Waning Suns

Symphony of Waning Suns


Dearest, misty, mellow autumn;
Symphony of waning suns;
Grant to him a fond farewell
Laden with fruits and ripened plums
That swell thy barrels and thy bellies;
Nourish man unto his core;
Adorn thy cupboards and thy pantries
And give praise forevermore.

And we shall wave away the summer,
That is seldom overlooked;
Taken for granted of his ways,
Beloved chapter of time’s book.

And far away, a northerly wind,
Bewilders blades of rugged turf;
A mighty breath of windswept manes
Seduces leaves and thrills the earth.

A stillness falls upon the hills
As twilight drops her lucid veil;
The final moments left of summer
Have succumbed to autumn’s hail,
And softly, she bestows her hymns
That pacify the dying days; she paints
A kiss upon the leaves that blush and
Yield to Earth’s terrain.

Betwixt the bracken, life goes on,
Though sorrowful as summer dies;
A mist enfolds the languid plains
As wondrous stars command the skies.
A season bound by artistry and
Joyous, sacred revelries; traces of magic
Bless the earth, inciting Nature’s alchemy.
By candlelight, fine fables breathe
As frozen souls hog gleaming hearths;
A time to honour family
And render thanks upon the earth.

© 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Image: By Viktoria Haack (


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