My chaperone, The Moon

My chaperone, The Moon


~My chaperone, The Moon~

Once upon a misty moon
Where solemn secrets dwell
Upon the waves of boundless seas
She weaves her potent spells

So resolute and graceful
So infinite and true
She elevates my tethered soul
My chaperone, the moon

Though ghosts of sadness haunt me
And resolution dies
She hears my dark delusions
Beneath those starry skies

And when my sad heart comes undone
And wails its desperate tunes
She binds my soul with sympathy
My chaperone, the moon

In flames of fierce denial
When tragedy enslaves
Her incantations summon me
Upon my window pane

Beholder of my secrets
Seeress of solitude
Upon the dusk, I call to you
My chaperone, the moon

Sweet maiden ever-glowing
Sweet warden of the skies
Dear matriarch of moonbeams
To whom my secrets fly

Upon my waves of wickedness
And tear-stained solitude
Oh, shine for me, dear sentinel
My chaperone, the moon

© 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved

Image: My Spell On You by Obsessed-by


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