Samhain Blessings

Samhain Blessings

Image: (c) Amelia Dashwood

These walks, on which I see such grace and beauty, strengthen my deep love affair with nature. I do not wish to be anywhere else in the world, for here beneath my rooted feet is life and death and all that lies in between; here rests the past, the present and the future, an endless, melodious sequence. Here rests magic.

Tonight, millions of soundless feet shall move upon the land, the beloved souls of those who passed into the depths of the unknown, those who nurtured us, those who endeavoured to protect us, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, babes-in-arms, the beloved souls of pets who now rest beneath the thicket, the ancestors whose legacies live on through our timeworn tales, all shall gather here tonight to touch the warm souls of those who long for their return.

And as the sun begins to set upon a cooling land, the fires shall burn, the candles shall glow and we shall raise a glass to honour them…

Samhain blessings and a happy Halloween to all. xx




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