The final leaves of oak trees fall
As bitter winds embrace us all
And to the warmth of homes, we creep
As teapots whistle melodies

The season breathes a restful sleep
Upon the meadows and the streets
As members of each dwelling light
A candle to inflame the night

The curtains draw as woollens wrap
Young children as they steal a nap
Bright embers burn as stories breathe
Fine fables and rich legacies

As friendship circles every hearth
Each humble soul knows of life’s worth
As laughter paints the lips of young
A blessing cradles everyone

Each simple home is blessed with love
As countless stars shine way above
Embracing life’s simplicities
And treasuring integrity

No want for gold; no need for wealth
Their humble hearts are ever-filled
Though time may conquer every life
These precious values never die

© 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved

Image: Tasha Tudor, by Richard Brown


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