~ Morality ~

Ye olden days are dying fast
And with them so is pleasure
For endless work and little play
Make liberty a treasure

What must man do if all he builds
Are someone else’s dreams?
How will he thrive if all he earns
Is seized by crooks and thieves?

Gone are the days of honesty
The days of truth and fairness
Life rushes at the speed of light
And freedom is a rareness

While crooks and blaggards rest a while
The grafters lose an age
For what? A life of stolen days
And insufficient wages

As I grow old with silver roots
I wish for better days
Where goodness and morality
drive man to mend his ways

May every child born to our world
Know of life’s precious worth
And value every moment
Lived upon this precious earth

© 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Image: Tasha Tudor, artist unknown.


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