The Longest Night

The Longest Night


~The Longest Night~

Dwellers scurry hastily into their humble lairs to fashion dreams of luxury as winter fills the air. A stillness settles on the land in waves of calm repose; fine clusters of Earth’s symmetry reveal a timeless robe.
The snowflakes sparkle flawlessly like glistening stars above, inviting soothing poetry and timeworn tales of love. The longest night is honoured with historic celebrations, inspiring heartfelt promises and hopeful salutations.
The drummers thunder gallantly upon a dawning sky to welcome back the growing days and bright, beloved light. With open hands and open hearts, they hail the rising sun, a legacy of endless faith and hope for everyone.
Then every soul yields blessings upon every beating heart, united by the values of an old and timeless path. As winter sweeps her magic over hills and shimmering lanes; far, far away spring promises the birth of brighter days.
© 2016 Dashwood, All rights reserved.

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