Humanity’s Last Quest

Humanity’s Last Quest


Below the day-blind stars
Wondering and pondering
The Earth’s abhorrent scars

With great distress and empathy
I watch the Earth’s destruction
An organised catastrophe
The heiress of corruption

Her pristine skies and stainless seas
Are worth much more than gold
We pillage what we stand upon
Her goodness stripped and sold

Man glorifies the affluent
And trusts his so-called truths
His pockets ever-growing
As starvation sings the blues

His corporate greed puts revenue
Before the dismal truth
His fallacies
Will finish us
It’s time to raise the roof

Hearken to the whispering wind
Behold her frantic cries
A tempest swells within Earth’s core
Reprisal shall arise

Choose life before prosperity
Delay the planet’s death
And march for what you stand upon
Arise, come forth, protest!

© 2017 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.


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