The Dance of Midsummer

The Dance of Midsummer

Come, dance, my child, the day is young;
Greeteth the moon, the stars and sun.
Lay bare thy feet upon the ground;
Don merry bells and floral crowns.

Set loose your songs of emerald green,
Of crimson skies and sapphire seas,
Of meadows ripe and rivers vast,
Of fables woven of the past.

Rise up, rise up from whence ye be;
The prancing embers beckon thee.
Set tresses wild and spirits high;
The sun commands thy soul to fly.

As maidens dance with hands a-wed;
Lift up thy cup above thy head.
The longest day shalt mark a feast
Of what hath passed and what may be.

With rolling drums and crowing men,
All hail the sun! Our Providence.
May troubles melteth to the breeze
And be replaced with jollity.

Praise be ye lore of better days;
Praise be the Earth, her fruits and grain.
Praise be the moon, the stars and sun.
May summer blesseth everyone!

Amelia Dashwood © 2017, All Rights Reserved

The Longest Night

The Longest Night


~The Longest Night~

Dwellers scurry hastily into their humble lairs to fashion dreams of luxury as winter fills the air. A stillness settles on the land in waves of calm repose; fine clusters of Earth’s symmetry reveal a timeless robe.
The snowflakes sparkle flawlessly like glistening stars above, inviting soothing poetry and timeworn tales of love. The longest night is honoured with historic celebrations, inspiring heartfelt promises and hopeful salutations.
The drummers thunder gallantly upon a dawning sky to welcome back the growing days and bright, beloved light. With open hands and open hearts, they hail the rising sun, a legacy of endless faith and hope for everyone.
Then every soul yields blessings upon every beating heart, united by the values of an old and timeless path. As winter sweeps her magic over hills and shimmering lanes; far, far away spring promises the birth of brighter days.
© 2016 Dashwood, All rights reserved.
~Dachaigh~ (Home)

~Dachaigh~ (Home)


~Dachaigh~ (Home)

Ancestors whisper sweet songs on the wind
Calling us home
Calling us home
Awakening wisdom and magic within
Wilfully calling us home

Sunlight pours over the heart of woods
Calling us home
Calling us home
Lighting a pathway that leads to our roots
Hastily calling us home

Pockets and pebbles and dreams turn to dust
Calling us home
Calling us home
Dreams of a child that now wither and rust
Urgently calling us home

Stars twinkle wishes released to the night
Calling us home
Calling us home
Hope yields a promise within candlelight
Speedily calling us home

Under the moonlight, a wolf shares his woes
Calling us home
Calling us home
Appealing to mankind to unfurl our toes
Hurriedly calling us home

Stories unfold by the light of a hearth
Calling us home
Calling us home
Yearnings are met in the arms of the earth
Calling us lovingly home

© 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.


Samhain Blessings

Samhain Blessings

Image: (c) Amelia Dashwood

These walks, on which I see such grace and beauty, strengthen my deep love affair with nature. I do not wish to be anywhere else in the world, for here beneath my rooted feet is life and death and all that lies in between; here rests the past, the present and the future, an endless, melodious sequence. Here rests magic.

Tonight, millions of soundless feet shall move upon the land, the beloved souls of those who passed into the depths of the unknown, those who nurtured us, those who endeavoured to protect us, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers, babes-in-arms, the beloved souls of pets who now rest beneath the thicket, the ancestors whose legacies live on through our timeworn tales, all shall gather here tonight to touch the warm souls of those who long for their return.

And as the sun begins to set upon a cooling land, the fires shall burn, the candles shall glow and we shall raise a glass to honour them…

Samhain blessings and a happy Halloween to all. xx



Land of Fireflies

Land of Fireflies


I come from a land of fireflies
Of sterling moons and florid skies
Where twilight melts the days away
As crickets chirp and sunsets wane

I come from a place of rolling mists
Where man and mammals coexist
Surrounded by a blessed earth
Where mankind values all she’s worth

I come from realms of mystery
Of rooted truth and history
Where sacred stones remain untouched
And Nature is my only judge

I come from a wealth of lullabies
Of boundless realms and twisted vines
Where timeworn trees and bracken groves
Remain man’s vested treasure troves

I come from a time of lessons learned
Where songs were sung as timbers burned
And from those embers, we did rise
To dance beneath star-speckled skies

I come from a land far, far away
Where gallant souls embrace each day
Where virgin meadows rest un-roamed
Within a land I call my home

© 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Image: artist unknown