dear heart
try not to pull yourself apart
though often
life seems very hard

your time is fleeting…

go, watch the birds of dawn
those splendid summer skies
wipe off the tears
that you have cried
and keep on breathing

and please

believe me when I say
whatever life
throws in your way
your soul can navigate
the waves

you must keep beating

and in your darkest times ahead
when sorrow
infiltrates your head
when all you know
are tears you’ve wept

please, keep on dreaming

and if you’re ever feeling down
know that the sun
will come around
your strength
can turn this ship about

never stop seeking

cast up your eyes
towards the skies
the stars are strung
upon the night
and when a shooting star arrives

don’t stop believing

pursue the time
that lies ahead
for when you’re gone
you’re ever dead
your life’s a gamble

embrace your being

lift up your chin
and search your smile
my child
your soul longs to be wild
to spread its wings
to soar
to thrive

dear heart, stop weeping

for life is fleeting…

© 2017 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Image: Forest Nymph by Saver-ag
Source: saver-ag.deviantart.com/art/Forest-Nympf-189538814

Rise Up and Fight Again

Rise Up and Fight Again


Sorrow drops a sullied shroud upon a tear-stained globe;
The colours of the universe then fade to ashen tones;
The fleeting birds misplace their joy;
The stars die in the shadows;
The cattle bellows frantic cries across the barren meadows;
The roses wilt;
The traffic calms;
The kettle holds its whistle;
The sorrows of humanity unfold in growing ripples;
The fiddle plays a mournful tune;
The pendulum stops swinging;
The girls and boys desert their toys;
The telephone stops ringing;
The desperate moans of exiled ghosts roll through the blackened plains;
The moon obscures her radiant bloom and tilts her head in shame;
The postman holds his jolly tones;
The dog hides in his bed;
The radiant hues of blissful Junes withdraw their rosy reds;
Throughout the world, a sea of hope rolls through the hollow lanes
And whispers to humanity,
“Rise up and fight again.”

© 2017 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Image: ‘Feel’ by MartaSyrko
Source: martasyrko.deviantart.com/art/feel-367596700

Final Wishes

Final Wishes


Sit with me,
Where silence knows me;
Hold my hand and let time stray.
Take the helm and sail my sorrow
Over oceans formed of pain.

All will seem
Much better soon
As tribulation starts to fade
For love shall comfort those who sow it,
Here on Earth and in the grave.

Lighten grief’s
Relentless burden
Casting shadows on the ground;
Wave away my aching bones
And let my memory lift your frown.

As the pendulum of living
Halts within my withered heart,
As the breeze rejoices,
Welcoming my brand new start.

Upon the final
Curtain call,
My soul shall seek your loving face
For severance shall not divide us;
Love’s connection never breaks.

Cast away
The hurt within
And bury grief below the ground
For I shall ever walk beside you;
To thy heart, my soul is bound.

Summon up
A smile for me;
The universe awaits my hand
To chase a treasury of dreams
As destiny was never planned.

And O,
To be alive again
Amidst the dappled leaves, I’ll run,
Reliving all life’s fleeting moments
Underneath a grinning sun.

I’ll hitch a ride on feathered wings
To scale the snowy mountain tops;
A realm of immortality
Exists within the Land of Nod.

Upon the days
When sorrow calls
And colours fade to black and white,
Go, look for me in whispering trees
For there is where you’ll find my light.

© 2017 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

The Sacred Mile

The Sacred Mile


I’ve walked an old but worthy path
And met a thousand kindred minds
Shook off the dust of mankind’s greed
And pushed against his bitter tides

I’ve questioned lies and sought the truth
I tossed away a binding book
To reconnect with Mother Earth
To honour all I once mistook

I’ve persevered few pointed fingers
Fled a dark and hellish past
Endeavouring to break my mould
I banished blame and judgements cast

I’ve met my match in Nature’s fury
Wept my heart out neath the sun
I’ve suffered many times of sorrow
Often did I come undone

As raging storms and darkness haunted
Courage fuelled my molten soul
And with the power forged inside me
I achieved my spirit’s goals

I’ve sat beneath Atlantic skies
And hearkened to the songs of seas
I’ve murmured hopes unto the stars
As ashen moonbeams covered me

I’ve walked amongst the ancient stones
And witnessed many suns descend
With skies above me, earth below me
There is where my journey ends

Upon life’s stage, I’ve played my part
With gratitude, I’ve loved this land
No looking back, no sad regrets
By my convictions, I shall stand

Now I approach my final journey
Destined to a hallowed place
Returning to the hand that formed me
May my soul rebuild in grace

As summers end and winters rise
I melt away to starlit skies
Abandoning my noble tales
Upon my farewell, I shall rise

© 2016 Amelia Dashwood. All Rights Reserved

Photo by Grace Adams
Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/gracekathleen/

From Cradle to Grave

From Cradle to Grave


I love the endless starry nights, their everlasting shine
The climate and the way it forms my bright, poetic mind
Each twilight and secluded dusk, each wild, dynamic storm
The way the trees converse accord and endlessly transform
Each timeless melody from each and every soaring bird
My darling, every ounce of you, each fleeting, whispered word
The stillness of tall mountains, the rambling, rolling breeze
The sound of crashing oceans and the vastness of the seas
I prize each conscious moment, every drawn and exhaled breath
Each touch upon your fragile skin, each memory you left
I love the greens of unscathed land, the costly life Earth yields
The wide and twisted pathways, the fruits born to each field
The bugs and petals, thorns and dirt, oh, every precious day
My eloquent utopia, the happiness she pays
Oh, mortal life thou shall decline and leave me with death’s sting
Please, grant to me perpetual life and let my wild heart sing
For there are far too many thrills to miss upon life’s waves
Too many precious memories to craft from crib to grave
Please, grant to me unwritten days laden with life’s embrace
Then, I shall greet the reaper with a smile upon my face

© 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Image by Alice Reiner