Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising

11998826_913619322051306_1777547489879236911_n~Phoenix Rising~

O, to live a humble life
A life that fortune cannot pawn
Beyond the twisted fallacies
Of hoodwinked fools with egos torn.

To walk where fleeting ravens caw
In pastures free of mankind’s sting
To live each day considerately
Beside my muse, the feral wind.

To seek out life’s philosophy
Without a pre-recorded script
Below a pool of glistening stars
I’ll be the master of my ship.

To meekly live beyond
The countless burdens of society
Upon a solitary path
Regardless of propriety.

Life vexes me to comprehend
Why liberty is steeply priced
I long to claim what is my right
To answer to no Lord or Sire.

To sense what is invisible
To confront false realities
To live each day, remembering
It is my birthright to be free.

Society may pity me
Though I seek nothing more than bliss
Is it too hard to recognise
A phoenix rising from the depths?

With open eyes, I’ll spread my wings
And flee the flames of wretchedness
Upon my path, I shall withhold
The key to my own happiness.

© 2017 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Nature Runneth Through My Veins

Nature Runneth Through My Veins


~Nature Runneth Through My Veins~

Earth, my body and my blood
Dust below me; skies above
Bones bound by an endless love
Crafted of the universe

Sallow moons and starlit skies
Springtime blooms and warm Julys
Twilight’s tender lullabies
Marvels born before my eyes

Source of breath and parting tears
Ancient stones and noble deer
Essence of my living years
Blessed Earth, my hallowed sphere

Timeworn tales and solstice flames
Rugged paths and rich terrain
Boundless seas and gentle rains
Nature runneth through my veins

© 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved

Photography: Unknown

I am Woman

I am Woman


I am real
Composed of unique beauty
My blemishes are symbols
Of my authenticity

Born to a society
Of many shapes and sizes
Camouflaged and urged to change
The realness it despises
A human being scrutinised
By money-driven prophets
A hostage of supremacy
A mutilated object
We mask the facets of ourselves
Deemed far too coarse to show
Through images and crude remarks
Our self-esteem is blown

A woman withholds magic
She is bona fide and true
But every day, she buries it
To pacify world views
A suffragette of liberty
Coerced into the kitchen
And peer-pressured into bitching

Our realness entails crooked smiles
And time etched onto skin
A wild array of windswept manes
And freckle-dappled chins
Our blessed frames are formed to birth
A mighty generation
Overcome by influence
And counterfeit perfections

The arrows of conformity
Shan’t penetrate our skin
For we are REAL and we withhold
A power deep within
We are a tribe of goddesses
Built for the roles of legends
No airbrushed, twisted fallacies
That advocate rejection

We rise in our divergent hues
With timeworn hands and faces
We bear the marks of motherhood
Fierce matriarchs of ages
We carry bags beneath our eyes
And childbirth’s jagged medals
We hold no limitations
And embrace our native vessels
We claim our eccentricities
For we are born untamed
The Goddess walks in many forms
Regardless of her age

We don variant colours
And our iridescent roots
For we are valiant rarities
Not dainty prostitutes
The world is missing everything
A woman has to give
Her sweetness and her mission
To emit her peace within

Woman is black
Woman is white
Her force is truly boundless
A queen of peaceful voyages
A child of resoluteness
She is awake
She is prepared
To stand by her convictions
She is equal
She is enough
She endures no restrictions

Dear woman, you are beautiful
Don’t ever f**king change
Society is rotten
Don’t you ever suffer shame
Show off your brazen scars and curves
Your feminine artistry
Yield to the world your thunderous roar

© 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved

Photo source: See images

~ Siren of Stars~

~ Siren of Stars~


With moonbeams for makeup
And stars in her hair
She scatters her wishes
Into the wild air

A guardian of nature
Bestowing third sight
With wild herbs and potions
The witch flies tonight

With candlelit beacons
With essence of flowers
Her hands do the healing
In reticent hours

With eyes bright and whispers
She summons desires
Beneath starlit blankets
Enchantment conspires

She weaves every step
Of her magickal path
With purpose of virtue
She silences wrath

Moon Maiden, Earth Mother
A siren of stars
You shall possess magic
Wherever you are

© 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved

Beautiful art by Christian Schloe ©

~Silver Lining~

~Silver Lining~


Lasso a silver lining
From clouds of sullen grey
Within a world of bitterness
There’ll come a brighter day

Although your dreams may disappear
Be brave and battle on
The skies appear much darker still
Before the break of dawn

Arise and hope for better times
And shining summer days
As twilight rests upon the earth
May sorrow gently fade

Although your pain and suffering
Seems hard to supervise
Have faith, for just around the bend
Are many bluer skies

Share sympathy with saddened hearts
Where many dreams were real
Compose the world a braver song
To help all sorrow heal

Sweep off the dust of yesterday
Just smile and carry on
The stars emerge from darkened skies
To sing their wondrous songs

The world will one day sing again
And on that merry day
The bells will ring, the sun will shine
And all will be OK

~ Amelia Dashwood © 2016, All rights reserved

(Inspired by a song by Betty Driver)