once upon a golden time…

we suffered
not without a fight
we stood
for what we felt was right
and fought
against relentless tides

we saw our faults
with open eyes
we searched the stars
for far-off life

we strived to keep our human rights
and rescued nations from demise

we waged a war against starvation
ousting fascists of damnation
oil was not a stipulation
used against our liberation

children did not want for more
tabloids did not favour war

we drafted laws
and proclamations
to support
not starve the poor

we mastered science
cured diseases
revered life throughout the seasons

read the verses of dead poets
and aspired to grasp
their meanings

life was lived with little debt
giving alms with no regret

we spoke for those
who could not speak
unsheltered by the internet

we welcomed knowledge
not disdain
we revered champions
not the vain

we fed our families
love and virtue…

values lost to video games

we nurtured plots
with stainless seeds
without prosperity or greed

we passed on wisdom of the ages
through the roots of ancestry

we recognised our strengths
our weakness
prized divergence
praised uniqueness

loved the land we stood upon
hands on hearts
we rallied on

we fought for one
and won for all

we valued age
from young to old

we did not want
or crave the fortunes
of a banker’s filthy gold

we stood in solidarity
in times of deep austerity
we helped our neighbours

and did not scare so easily

we listened well
admitting failure
taught good manners
and behaviour

ate our greens
and valued Nature

life back then was never greater

© 2017 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Child of Moon and Sun

Child of Moon and Sun


~Child of Moon and Sun~

I was born to the beat of drums
As kinsmen watched the rising sun
By firelight and candle flame
My elders chose my worthy name

I walked amongst the faerie folk
Where nature spirits I invoked
I danced about the solstice fires
Whilst singing of my heart’s desires

I learned the wisdom of the wild
Where folk had lost their lives to trial
I wandered on the path less worn
My soul rose up, I was reborn

I witnessed whispers on the breeze
Where eagles cried, my soul ran free
By ancient lore, I learned to live
Condemning greed, prepared to give

My heart is allied to the earth
I’ll shield her with all that I’m worth
For I was born to the beat of drums
I am a child of moon and sun

~ © 2015 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Lady on the tree: ShiSha Rainbow Artworks
Arrows: Unknown


Born of Fire

Born of Fire


I am a shepherd
A teacher
A guide
A flag raised in honour
A kinsman of pride
A legacy of bloodshed
The beating of drums
The bones of my forebears
Who graced zealous suns

I am a wise one
A teller of tales
A pathway of music
A powerful grail

I am a child born of fire and light
A seeker of truth in life’s barbaric fights
I am the bearer of balance and peace
A chalice of knowledge
A singular piece

I am but one voice of many brave hearts
A weaver of magick
A much-needed start

I am a warden
A comrade
A friend
A guardian of nature
Until my heart’s end

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

To Thine Own Self, Be True!

To Thine Own Self, Be True!

tumblr_nucyjdCv5j1sk6vtao1_500 (1)

~To Thine Own Self, Be True~

Kinsmen, hear my raging voice!
The time has come to make a choice
See this, our world, now feel her pain
As man treats her with cheap disdain
Stand fast my tribe! We must stand strong
And witness evil doing wrong
We must act now, we cannot wait
To change our world’s abysmal fate
Now clear your throats and stand up tall
Board steady boats, climb solid walls
Take to the fields, stretch far and wide
Leave excess greed, draw out your pride
Shout from the roofs, commence, henceforth
Shield Mother Earth, stand fast, come forth!
Take on the role, address your souls
My Celtic clans, join me, enroll
We must break through and take a stand
Defend this home, our motherland
Give her a chance to breathe and live
Shield her with all we have to give
Kinsmen, to thine own self, be true!
Be humble in all that you do
Defend her fields, her trees, her skies
Don’t live in vain or question why
Hear this, my plea, we shall not fall
Fight for our earth, for one and all!

~ Amelia Dashwood © 2015, All rights reserved.