The Dance of Midsummer

The Dance of Midsummer

Come, dance, my child, the day is young;
Greeteth the moon, the stars and sun.
Lay bare thy feet upon the ground;
Don merry bells and floral crowns.

Set loose your songs of emerald green,
Of crimson skies and sapphire seas,
Of meadows ripe and rivers vast,
Of fables woven of the past.

Rise up, rise up from whence ye be;
The prancing embers beckon thee.
Set tresses wild and spirits high;
The sun commands thy soul to fly.

As maidens dance with hands a-wed;
Lift up thy cup above thy head.
The longest day shalt mark a feast
Of what hath passed and what may be.

With rolling drums and crowing men,
All hail the sun! Our Providence.
May troubles melteth to the breeze
And be replaced with jollity.

Praise be ye lore of better days;
Praise be the Earth, her fruits and grain.
Praise be the moon, the stars and sun.
May summer blesseth everyone!

Amelia Dashwood © 2017, All Rights Reserved

Peaceful Encounters

Peaceful Encounters

Tonight, may I dream of a faraway land,
A land undiscovered by covetous hands;
I’ll saunter through meadows beneath flawless skies,
Where unwritten wisdom enraptures my eyes.

I’ll sneak through the woods to draw in the crisp air,
Examined by creatures in slovenly lairs;
I’ll rest beneath clouds that inspire fine art,
My head in the cowslip and love in my heart.

The hare shall approve of my peaceful encounters,
He’ll throw me a wink as he hops through the flowers;
The mystical cries of the eagles above
Will summon a feeling of who I once was.

I’ll board a fine vessel to cruise the vast ocean
With nothing but joy as my magical potion;
The stars will put on a magnificent show,
Each one of them bound to my wanderlust soul.

I’ll nurture the child that exists in my being;
A magic that thrives as I keep on believing;
And all of my senses will widely awaken
In Nature’s retreat, my perpetual haven.

© 2017 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Image: Celtic dream by *Costurero-Real on deviantART

Nature Runneth Through My Veins

Nature Runneth Through My Veins


~Nature Runneth Through My Veins~

Earth, my body and my blood
Dust below me; skies above
Bones bound by an endless love
Crafted of the universe

Sallow moons and starlit skies
Springtime blooms and warm Julys
Twilight’s tender lullabies
Marvels born before my eyes

Source of breath and parting tears
Ancient stones and noble deer
Essence of my living years
Blessed Earth, my hallowed sphere

Timeworn tales and solstice flames
Rugged paths and rich terrain
Boundless seas and gentle rains
Nature runneth through my veins

© 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved

Photography: Unknown




In the garden, the lavender has reached the peak of its purple exhibit; the bay tree stands freshly-leaved, and the day lilies drop away from the sky, ready to meet a land of slumber. The light filters through the leaves of trees, and the thick layers of green hedgerows proudly outline the water-coloured meadows.

Yet, in the darkness of the woods there rests a deep silence, like something lurking, waiting to present itself. The mystic loveliness of nature is almost at its climax, it renews an ancient wave over me, lost since childhood. Some beauties must be seen with naked eyes to believe, as not all art can produce such refined exquisiteness; to feel nature’s beauty is for some a thousand times greater than to see it.

The next season of the year lingers nearby, what subtle magic will it bestow upon us all? Ah, a majestic mosaic of every season’s loveliness, I can’t wait.

~ Amelia Dashwood

Image by Elena Tyn

Keeper of a Universe

Keeper of a Universe


~Keeper of a Universe~

I have countless hidden depths and secret facets of my soul
Like pockets full of twists and turns, downpours and bright rainbows
No day is uniformly clear, no evening sky is constant
My eyes withhold the hopes and dreams of wildest, untamed oceans

My thoughts and fancies shift and shape like seasons of the year
I flit and fly from love to hate, revisiting with my fears
Within, I hold a tender love of all that blooms and grows
But often, I am fierce and wild, my intense passion flows

I am tempest, free and shifting, tender, meek and calm
I may emit my raging storms, but I intend no harm
I still remain the child who yearns to sit upon the clouds
A wild woman who loves to dance, to sing my pride aloud

I am witch who flourishes when tinkering in magick
Alone, beneath the pale full moon, I’m humble and nostalgic
My time-worn path unveils a way to thrive in all I love
Connecting with the universe and all that shines above

I am an avid reader, I seek chapters full of tales
Of ancient lore and fables, their rich magic I inhale
My soul is old and wise, yet I am younger than my years
Some days, I’m full of merriment and others, I’m in tears

I store a wealth of elements, I cannot be explained
One moment, I am summer then I shift to autumn rain
Effervescent is my heart and wonderfully rare
A pearl inside a modest shell, with mysteries to bare

Artists, empaths, dreamers, healers, weavers of the craft
‘Normal’ doesn’t cut it when you walk an ancient path
From tiny bud to weathered oak, I’ll sing my merry tune
Within me lies a universe, my soul was born to bloom

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Image: Desert sanctuary
by Cocodrillo