Sweet quietude, unburden me
And steal my aching bones away
To pastures far from mankind’s din
Where nature’s music ever plays

My world! My world is altering!
My soul no longer settles here
Where is the hush of better days
The gracefulness of yesteryear?

Sweet solitude and sylvan bliss
Withdraw the seed of my unrest
And bind my heart to wilder things
That shelter me from turbulence

My feet shall never threaten thee
Nor stain thy blessed wilderness
For in your hearth, all that I am
Is owed to you, and I am blest

O fleeting birds and opulence
Come hither, sing your melodies
And cradle me within your arms
When sorrow brings me to my knees

With heavy heart, I’ll rise again
To brave the tides of turbulence
For knowing you are there for me
Will ever be my recompense

~ Amelia Dashwood Ā© 2017, All Rights Reserved.

Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising

11998826_913619322051306_1777547489879236911_n~Phoenix Rising~

O, to live a humble life
A life that fortune cannot pawn
Beyond the twisted fallacies
Of hoodwinked fools with egos torn.

To walk where fleeting ravens caw
In pastures free of mankind’s sting
To live each day considerately
Beside my muse, the feral wind.

To seek out life’s philosophy
Without a pre-recorded script
Below a pool of glistening stars
I’ll be the master of my ship.

To meekly live beyond
The countless burdens of society
Upon a solitary path
Regardless of propriety.

Life vexes me to comprehend
Why liberty is steeply priced
I long to claim what is my right
To answer to no Lord or Sire.

To sense what is invisible
To confront false realities
To live each day, remembering
It is my birthright to be free.

Society may pity me
Though I seek nothing more than bliss
Is it too hard to recognise
A phoenix rising from the depths?

With open eyes, I’ll spread my wings
And flee the flames of wretchedness
Upon my path, I shall withhold
The key to my own happiness.

Ā© 2017 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

The Great Escape

The Great Escape


Lead me through the rugged fields
Where I shall bow my head and yield
My deepest, secret, solemn prayers
Unto the breeze, my soul shall bear
All that it knows and loves to be
Within the land and raging seas
Throughout the endless universe
My love for life, I shall converse

With wooden staff and furry friend
I shall advance and then transcend
Within a kingdom forged of Gods
A land that selfishness forgot
Beyond man’s fortresses of haste
Lie pristine skies and pools of grace
Esoteric groves and hidden tracks
Rich history remains untaxed

When life is far too much to take
My soul shall seek the great escape
As tyranny tears me apart
Majestic views shall heal my heart
I’ll leave existence for a while
Upon the zephyr, I shall fly
By whispering trees, I shall forget
Life’s misery and deep regret

Upon a single blackbird’s song
I shall recall where I belong
Surrounded by Earth’s sylvan life
Oh, sweet relief from daily strife
Neath cloudless skies, I shall arise
Brush off my tears and desperate cries
I’ll disregard life’s wicked ways
And face the world another day

Ā© 2017 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Bones and Stones

Bones and Stones


~Bones and Stones~

Far from the haunts of man I go
Far from the haste to seek repose
Far from the ports of turbulence
Far, far away lies my recompense

Deep in the rivers running wide
Sounds a familiar lullaby
Up in the limbs of crooked trees
Whispers a revered melody

Over the pastures as they sway
Paradise casts my fears away
Underneath willow tresses bright
There lies Apollo as he writes

Gone is the pull of anarchy
Ousted by nature’s harmony
Here, by the voices of the stones
Hums the sweet chorus of my bones

Ā© 2016 Dashwood, All rights reserved.

The Earth’s Cry

The Earth’s Cry


~Earth’s Cry~

The Earth, she weeps through rainfall
So pure, so raw, so true
Singing songs of deep despair
The harm she suffers too
The Earth, she strives so hard to live
In peace, without harassment
Resting, breathing, suffering
So often, she laments
The Earth, she listens carefully
To every single soul
Seeking all who care for her
The sympathy they show
The Earth, she craves our shelter
So often, she despairs
A debt must be repaid in full
For fruits, she often bears
The Earth, she cries through raging storms
And seas that cause destruction
Listen, she is calling you
Stand fast! She seeks your action
The Earth, she is illustrious
A blessed home to all
If only mankind sensed her pain
They too would hear her call

~ Ā© 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.