Daughters of the Wild

Daughters of the Wild

Daughter of the dusk
Soft light and bracken rust
Rugged fields and rivers
Fringed with locks of fluted reeds

Eyes wide open
Lips outspoken
With the words your spirit breathes

Laced up boots and footloose roots
A priestess of the wild
Dear child,
You will breathe the earth alive
Unshaken by sharp teeth

Daughter of the skies
Windswept heaths
And blessed shrines
Feet that kiss the lips of tides
That crawl beneath the moon

A soul attuned
Dear sister
These words, I call to you

Come, hearken
To the starlit night
Unto your self, be true

Daughter of the Moon
Onyx shrouds
And cosmic jewels
Pockets of enchanted runes
A huntress of the stars

By candle flames
And autumn rains
You walk a sylvan path

The blood that runneth
Through your veins
Shall birth a wisdom past

Daughter of the land
Morning dew
And sullied hands
Rituals cast to heal the land
A patron of the wild

Hallowed stones
And whispering bones
A perspicacious mind

The time has come
Dear oracle
To summon up your tribe

Amelia Dashwood © 2017. All Rights Reserved

Tonight, We Fly

Tonight, We Fly



Hand in hand and eye to eye
Earth to water, air to fire
Crystals shine upon thy shelf
Candles lit, prepare thyself

Hark, the howling of the moon
As it sings its lonesome tune
Tonight, the Wolf Moon rules the skies
Draw it down and close your eyes

Grace the air with chants of old
Candle flames of dazzling gold
Whisper wishes, one, two, three
Soon, you’ll reap prosperity

Under moonbeams, fill thy cup
Breathe her in and drink her up
Paint a wish upon a leaf
Burn it up and yield relief

Incense purifies the room
As you chant a soulful tune
Grant thy spirit to the sky
Arise, my witches, soon we fly!

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

A Beautiful Commotion

A Beautiful Commotion


I am as deep as a bottomless ocean
A beautiful commotion
Withholding mysteries

I am a cave full of dark little secrets
An echo of my forebears
A zealous history

I am a sentry of pale moons and twilight
Of intricate silence
And storms that pacify

I am a dreamer, a fierce make-believer
A trilogy of stories
And scars that tell no lies

I am a siren with courage of lions
A mother of dragons
A vessel of desire

I am a whisper of magical rituals
A handful of wishes
A temple of wildfire

I am a sister, a woman, and a listener
An oracle of instinct
A consecrated womb

I am an ocean, a chalice of devotion
I walk beneath the sunshine
And love beneath the moon

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Dance of the Divine

Dance of the Divine

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Remove your shoes and stand in silence
Hush all sounds and feel the quiet
Raise your hands up to the sun
Close your eyes and breathe 
a hum

Feel the peace flow through your veins
Sense her spirit, hear her name
Bow your body to the ground
Whisper out a grateful sound

Raise your spirit to the moon
reconnect to feel attuned
Breathing in and breathing out
purest magick spreads throughout

Stretch your body to the east
Thank her for a worthy feast
Repeat your sequence to the west
Sense her presence, feel possessed

Incantations fill your soul
Energy then starts to flow
Twisting turning as you dance
Dip into a fragile trance

You are born of the divine
your body is a holy shrine
Embrace the beauty of your soul
Let her magick make you whole

Child of sunlight, moon, and stars
a worthy carrier of your scars
Feel the love that she imparts
Existing in your beating heart

~ © 2015 Amelia Dashwood

(Photo credit:chrystalstar.tumblr.com/post/1196053924)