dear heart
try not to pull yourself apart
though often
life seems very hard

your time is fleeting…

go, watch the birds of dawn
those splendid summer skies
wipe off the tears
that you have cried
and keep on breathing

and please

believe me when I say
whatever life
throws in your way
your soul can navigate
the waves

you must keep beating

and in your darkest times ahead
when sorrow
infiltrates your head
when all you know
are tears you’ve wept

please, keep on dreaming

and if you’re ever feeling down
know that the sun
will come around
your strength
can turn this ship about

never stop seeking

cast up your eyes
towards the skies
the stars are strung
upon the night
and when a shooting star arrives

don’t stop believing

pursue the time
that lies ahead
for when you’re gone
you’re ever dead
your life’s a gamble

embrace your being

lift up your chin
and search your smile
my child
your soul longs to be wild
to spread its wings
to soar
to thrive

dear heart, stop weeping

for life is fleeting…

© 2017 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Image: Forest Nymph by Saver-ag
Source: saver-ag.deviantart.com/art/Forest-Nympf-189538814




Do not
waste your time
endlessly navigating
the ferocious tides
of society’s
artificial designs

do not greet
the morning sunrise
with regret or a sigh
as you sell your soul
from 9 to 5
building someone else’s dreams
in a corporate landmine
just to stay alive

do not judge beauty
on what the media defines
to be your primary duty

because truly

your authenticity
exhibits the rarities
and beloved ancestry
of the tree that will lead you
to the roots
that bore your story

why disguise your glory?

do not build
your hopes and dreams
or grand ideals
without first
making a deal with yourself
to turn them into memories
that are real


live out your days
with fire in your soul
grasping your liberty
and building goals
that are brave
and wild
and bold

and know

no matter what you are told
by those with riches to behold
ALL of life is precious
rich or poor
young or old

be humble

when you are six feet under
when your body meets the coal
your story will remain
but not your gold

and when the time comes by
when you must whisper your last goodbyes
to the birds
the trees
and the iridescent skies

may you greet your final sunrise with a smile

because you lived a life so wild
that you are ready
to expire

© 2017 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Photography Tasha Tudor, by Richard Brown

~Dachaigh~ (Home)

~Dachaigh~ (Home)


~Dachaigh~ (Home)

Ancestors whisper sweet songs on the wind
Calling us home
Calling us home
Awakening wisdom and magic within
Wilfully calling us home

Sunlight pours over the heart of woods
Calling us home
Calling us home
Lighting a pathway that leads to our roots
Hastily calling us home

Pockets and pebbles and dreams turn to dust
Calling us home
Calling us home
Dreams of a child that now wither and rust
Urgently calling us home

Stars twinkle wishes released to the night
Calling us home
Calling us home
Hope yields a promise within candlelight
Speedily calling us home

Under the moonlight, a wolf shares his woes
Calling us home
Calling us home
Appealing to mankind to unfurl our toes
Hurriedly calling us home

Stories unfold by the light of a hearth
Calling us home
Calling us home
Yearnings are met in the arms of the earth
Calling us lovingly home

© 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.


The Humble Road

The Humble Road


~The Humble Road~

I need not want for fame or merit, precious jewels upon my neck, fine fashions weaved of lavish fabrics, palaces to call my nest; I need not want for beauty that coerces me to sell my soul, or profits of a greedy banker, hoarding all his filthy gold.

For mine shall be a humble den, a pot of tea, a window pane, a feline friend to greet me through the hours of my treasured days. A beehive’s hum shall soothe my ears as sunlight pours upon my rest; a feathered pilgrim twittering shall be the chorus I love best.

Grant me the whispers of a breeze as I sleep by a glowing hearth, a belly that is humbly filled, a heart connected to the earth, and I shall live a happy life, deficient of conformity; I’ll walk an old but gentle road, conversant with simplicity.

And when my time is withering, I’ll look towards Atlantic skies with hand on heart I’ll know I’ve lived a life that fortune cannot buy. For ours is not to plunder Earth with blindfolds fixed upon our heads; mankind was born to praise and love the path of which he meekly treads.

No riches shall ensnare my soul, for comfort lies within the land; dear Mother Earth sustains my life and swells the cup within my hand. And all I am I owe to her, the blood that runneth through my veins, dear maker of my merry soul and guardian of my precious days.

© 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.

Photo: Tasha Tudor, by Richard Brown

My Bonny Lass

My Bonny Lass


Arise and shine, my bonny lass
Wild winds beckon your soul
Go, chase those misty mountains
Where the songs of old are told

Seek solace in the wildwood
Where the trees surrender tales
And your forebears tell of secrets
In the land where souls prevail

Time rides on the feral wind
Make haste and seek your glee
Have the courage of fierce oceans
Set your heart and spirit free

Go, capture all your wildest dreams
Be brave and wild and wise
Seek the truth in rushing rivers
Like the eagle, soar the skies

Claim freedom, my bonny lass
And memorise fine tales
Never forswear what you live for
In rough winds, adjust your sails

So, master your own destiny
Arise, leap out of bed
In the soft breeze, there are whispers
Of the fate that lies ahead

As you wander through this treasured land
Reach out and touch the skies
Set about to live your best life
Let your heart and spirit fly

~ © 2016 Amelia Dashwood, All rights reserved.